Short stories

Unpublished stories written over the last few years, many with help from the brilliant Anthony Lowe.

Summer 2020 (2021)
Two former friends meet up for brunch after everything has changed. They sit and watch the divide.

Fresh Water Sea (2014)
One story in three times. A survivor of the Great Flood talks to herself as she starves, a girl lives through the Cold War in a hospital bed, and in the present day a man tries to make conversation with his depressed daughter.

Venturous (2013)
Fantasy novella. You open your eyes and roll into an inn. Before the sun is up you hope to make reality of your dreams. The dragonslayer’s axe shines above. Is that what you wanted?

Ranger, Wizard, Fighter, Thief (2014)
The four of them embark on an epic quest to defeat a mighty evil, as anyone can tell by looking at them. They are brave and true, as you’d assume. What might surprise you is how bloody annoying they are.

Sob Story (2013)
The winner of Pop Hero, Britain’s first reality TV singing show, now collects tram tickets. When she bumps into former head judge Bastard Bryan, she is silent.

This Grand Forever (2013)
A handsome man strolls through the perfectly-preserved city of Paris. But good looks are deceiving nowadays and they certainly don’t come cheap.

Firmament (2013)
At a point in time when we no longer even count the date, a couple set out to visit the very edge of all things. They had nothing better to do.

Alfred and the Flies (2012)
A young volunteer at a suicide hotline listens to an old hand.

Tuesday Morning Visitors (2012)
A young woman goes to church to speak to God. Someone hears.

Stars (2010)
Dan welcomes his ex-wife to the horoscope segment of the BBC Radio Merseyside afternoon show. He does not care for horoscopes.

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